How does pricing work?

Two seasoned photographers will be with you on your wedding day for a total of ten hours. We feel that full wedding day coverage suits our clients best. We will be with you from hair + makeup until your last dance! For full details, click on the 'get in touch' link above...

What should we expect?

We have photographed many weddings over the years and have found what we feel truly works to make sure our couples get the images that they hope for. We sit down and discuss every detail and work out a wedding day plan months in advance to ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day. We don't ever just 'show up and shoot'. You will know what is happening, and when, and so will we.

We also strongly encourage a first-look session in our wedding day plans. There are actually pretty big advantages to a first-look session prior to the wedding. Not only are the bride, groom, bridal party and family in top form, the bride and bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are fresh, and the groom and groomsmen aren’t yet uncomfortable in their tuxes. However, the biggest advantage is the quiet, contemplative time together to truly connect, a break to calm your nerves... which allows us to capture your raw emotion. First-looks are wonderful because we build in the time needed to get the kind of images you have been dreaming about, plus it creates a smooth, steady flow through the day’s events. The differences in a wedding day that we have witnessed with and without a first-look are like night and day, there are huge advantages (like building in an hour or more with just the two of you...THOSE will be the most cherished photos of the day), and we are 100% behind it and will completely encourage it when working with you. Let's talk more if you're unsure!

Your gallery will be "hand edited"...

Each image you receive on your USB will be fully digitally enhanced. This means that instead of a simple batch edit for basic clarity and contrast, each image will be color corrected, adjusted for consistent lighting and temperature, skin will be smoothed, blemishes removed, and any other distractions in your image will be removed.

Now you're wondering if the price includes your hand edited files, right?

I am sure you have checked out many websites looking for the answer to this very question and each photographer is different. Having access to the digital files on USB would be important to me as a consumer, which is why we include the USB (with print rights) in our wedding collection. Please keep in mind that although you can technically print elsewhere, we highly suggest that you utilize our professional print house, so we made it super easy through your online gallery to place an order... and anyone can order from anywhere.

Quality over Quantity... every single time...

Since each image is fully digitally enhanced and not batched through our system, editing takes lots of dedicated time. We feel it is extremely important to give you the best of the best from your wedding day, all while telling the entire story. You will receive 300 guaranteed images, however, depending on how long the wedding coverage is, the amount of people, and the amount of details present there will likely be many more! Our average is around 500. We do not send RAW files home with our clients, each image will be album worthy!

Can we see examples of your work?

Yes please! Please utilize our blog link on our website and we would love for your to follow us on instagram (we post a ton there, @capturemecandidphotography). You are also able to check out some "real weddings" on the wedding dropdown menu (above) as well. These are actual weddings that have been delivered to clients. We feel it is important to show you "real" wedding galleries, not just our "top photos" from each wedding, so you have an complete idea of our style and how your images are delivered...

So, you want to print your own photos from the USB?

You can order images from wherever you choose, and we even include a print release for you to to use. However, please keep in mind that our printer uses 256 inks versus the 56 inks that typical printers use. Your image will be preserved on archival paper that guarantees the print for 100 years. Your print will also be color corrected and checked at every step of our process for quality. Your images will look their best and last forever! Preserve your awesome memories with professional printing (you'll be happy you did when your grandchildren are holding your amazing prints in 50 years!)

Grab some drinks or a coffee?

We would love to... thanks for asking! Let us take you and your fiance out somewhere fun to discuss more. I love meeting potential clients. This will be a stress free meeting and I won't bring contracts... I just feel a personal connection is important when making a big investment decision. Chemistry is key! If you decide I am the one and we move forward, I will send you a contract and all you need to do is provide a retainer fee of 25% of the contracted price to hold the date. 

Can we travel?

Yes! We have shot weddings in Charleston, Pawley's Island, Pennsylvania, Asheville, and the list goes on! We love adventures... 

How many weddings do we shoot each year?

Yearly we accept 15-20 weddings max. In order to offer the highest quality experience possible for the couples that we work with, we intentionally only take a certain amount of weddings each season.

How far in advance should you book with us?

We book , on average, 8-12 months out, so please call as soon as you're engaged. If we have the availability, we also LOVE last minute weddings... so call anytime.

We also carry insurance...

CaptureMeCandid, LLC is covered under two insurance policies, one being the Professional Photographers of America liability insurance.

Our equipment...

We only carry top of the line professional cameras. Pro grade cameras make a significant difference in the overall quality of the images, and we wouldn't use anything less. I am a Nikon shooter myself, but my second shooters carry Nikon or Canon pro gear.

What about backup equipment?

We carry backups to every session. We always have multiple lenses, bodies and flash units available as well as plenty of batteries and CF cards.

What happens if for some reason you are unable to shoot that day?

We are very well connected in the community! I will shoot an email out to the Fearless Photographers network, my Charlotte Photographers Network and the PPA, and find another professional to photograph your wedding. I will do everything in my power to allow a seamless transition. I know the amount of trust you put into your vendors, and I don't take that lightly. The support system of fellow shooters is wonderful and abundant.

Did we miss anything?

Please shoot us an email with any further questions you may have!