How far in advance should I book my session?

Schedule your session while you are still pregnant. Sessions book at least 6-8 months in advance. If you are considering a session, please contact me as soon as possible. It is never too early to get in the books! Newborn sessions are only scheduled during weekdays, first thing in the morning.

 *Newborn sessions are ideally scheduled between the 6th and 10th day of life. This is when your baby will still easily fall into deep REM sleep after a feeding and can be manipulated into a pose easily without being disturbed by touch.

*My sessions are considered 'newborn sessions' between the months of newborn - 5 months, however the sooner the better- they grow incredibly fast!

 What should I know about newborn sessions?

Since I prefer a 'lifestyle' approach to newborn photography, we will be sure to capture a few of the baby 'must have' shots during your session with my blankets, headbands and baskets... but we will mostly concentrate on the bond between you and your spouse with the magic of this new person mixed in! If you're in search of a photographer with multiple props, backdrops and 'hand-on-face' poses, I am not your girl. As much as those sessions are adorable, they don't sync with my overall style of shooting. If you are looking to cozy-up on your bed, or shoot in the baby's nursery while you're holding her in the window light, or cuddled together with that little piece of perfection on the couch... then I am your girl! Window light, cozy corners, your husband's hand cradling your newborn's head... these are the moments that I am most creative.

 Does my session include the "digital files"?

I am sure you have checked out many websites looking for the answer to this very question and each photographer is different. Having the digital files would be important to me as a consumer, which is why I include the images in the cost. The session fee of $750 includes 20 hand edited images on USB with rights to print as you choose.

 Can I print my own photos from the USB since it's included?

 Yes, you can order images from wherever you choose. However, please keep in mind that our trusted printer uses 256 inks versus the 56 inks that typical printers use. Your image will be preserved on archival paper that guarantees the print for 100 years. Your print will also be color corrected and checked at every step of our process for quality. Ensure that your images will look their best and last forever by preserving your awesome memories with professional printing. You'll be happy you did!

 What else does the fee cover?

Your session fee also includes my time at your home creating your vision (on average, a typical newborn session is 2-4 hours, please plan accordingly), the patience and knowledge of how to pose newborns, and the creative post-processing of your images in my digital darkroom.

 You will also receive an online personal code-protected gallery of your images to share with friends and family. Ordering is made easy through your gallery as well... like it, buy it, and we'll ship it via FedEx to anyone after only a few clicks!

 How long is my gallery online for purchases?

You will have access to your gallery for seven days. Once your gallery has expired, you may reactivate it for a fee if necessary.

 Do you charge $100 for an 8x10?

No, fees for prints are relatively low. I would rather see clients utilize the awesome services that are provided to display prints and gallery wraps around their home from a trusted printer vs. keep the images locked on their disk or worse yet, printed elsewhere (which may result in unsatisfactory prints with blue/red colored hue). Our system is calibrated with the printer, which allows for perfect color and superior quality.

 4x6 ($6) 5x7 ($9) 8x10 ($15) 8x12 ($18) 11x14 ($27) 16x24 ($75) 24x30 ($105) 24x36 ($125) 30x40 ($150)

 What will you bring with you? I don't have cute hats or accessories!

I will bring a few hats, blankets, headbands, a mini heater, faux wooden flooring, and a few other items. Some parents go on Etsy and purchase cute accessories they would like included, like hand sewn bloomers or bonnets, and that is wonderful... just please don't feel obligated. I keep it super simple and don't include many 'props'... I prefer to concentrate on connections more than things...

 What should I prepare before you arrive?

Since I prefer to shoot in the comfort of my clients' home, I make sure to bring everything I need with me. However, there are a few things I can't bring, so I ask a few things of my clients before I arrive:

 1. LIGHT: I will need an area of your home with the most filtered natural light. If this means moving a couch or area rug, please do so! It is imperative that I set up in the spot of your home with the best light since this is my newborn shooting style. This can be in front of a glass door, near a window, in a hallway... I am up for shooting anywhere as long as the light is pretty!

 2. FOOD: not for me, for your baby! Be ready with bottles or to nurse when your newborn is getting "fussy"... plan to keep her full and happy! Usually a little feeding time puts baby right back into "milk coma" mode which is where we need them to be for the sweet images you are hoping for!

 3. TIME: Plan on four hours of your time for a full session. Some newborn are so cooperative we're done in a little over one hour, but some do take up to four hours depending on their fussiness.

 4. PATIENCE: Every little detail is thought about when capturing a newborn image. It is not uncommon to take 20 minutes of "shhhhhh-ing" "patting" "rubbing" and posing for ONE shot! Babies have natural reflexes that can demolish a pose that took ten minutes creating in one movement. Lots and lots of patience are needed!

5. MAKE YOUR BED: Most of the time, I take a few shots of the family on your bed. It is cozy, intimate and typically lends itself well to newborn photos. The rest of the room can be a disaster (I know you JUST had a baby and you do NOT want to clean!) Making your bed and cleaning off any dressers near the bed would be very helpful. We may not use your bedroom at all depending on light, but 80% of the time I do, so plan accordingly.

 Any other ideas to make our photos wonderful?

I always HIGHLY suggest a makeup artists for moms... I truly feel every mom is beautiful, but I also feel that a professional makeup artist can bring out that beauty 1,000x over! Also, when do you ever pamper yourself and look drop-dead stunning just to cuddle up with your newborn? Your session is the perfect time. You will look your best, which will make you feel your best... and that combo will be killer in your overall end result! Please let me know if you want some referrals. I work with the best make-up artists around! Also, as far as clothing for your session, you don't want anything to detract from your new baby. Keep outfits simple. I don't suggest white or black because it doesn't photograph well with a baby's beautiful creamy skin. Stay in the "mid-tone zone"... colors that aren't too bright or too dark. Think about creams, browns, blues, etc. Do not wear logos or many accessories. Keep everything simple as far as clothing, so your baby is the one and only focus.

 How long will it take to view my images?

It typically takes two-three weeks to get your images uploaded to your viewing gallery. Once your gallery has been loaded, your USB will be mailed to you shortly thereafter. I always try my best to get the newborn galleries back as quick as I can, however, because they grow so much week after week!

 Why can it take up to three weeks?

I take pride in each image that is produced and treat each one like a piece of artwork, because it is! I edit sessions the way I "saw" them in my heart, which means each one has its own style, warmth... feeling. Also, baby skin is usually blotchy and pink/or yellow, and I take great care and time in post production to even out tones. I don't rush the editing process, and I appreciate your understanding and patience in advance!

 What if my newborn is cranky? It's going to stress me out!

First, don't stress. Your baby will feel it. I feel that I am a natural nurturer and I (thankfully) have a calming effect on little ones. I have three children of my own, and handle newborns regularly during my sessions, so cranky newborns don't bother me in the least! Typically it is best if you let me do most of the handling of your little one, or perhaps your husband when I need an extra hand. Newborns can sense their mother through scent, so they typically leave "r.e.m" sleep and begin to stir if you're too close... which will add to the stress. Take a much needed break, and just let me handle it all while you sit back and relax, you deserve it!

 How can I book my session?

Head on over to the "get in touch" page and fill out the online form. I will get back to you within 24 hours.