Hi... I'm Lori

For some reason, the "little known facts" about photographers always grab my attention, so here are some of mine if you happen to like them too:

I believe in love and what it can do. I see the number 11:11 a ridiculous amount of times per week, and I have since I was in the 10th grade. I love light... from the sun, the shadows, from within a person's soul... it doesn't matter where it comes from, I notice it, and I love it. If I could sing, I would absolutely be the front-man of a band, mostly because I love the feeling of people's energy... and good music. I really (really) like ice cream. I am left handed but use the right side of my brain. Black is my favorite color. I feel that somewhere down the line I will own a Harley. I am a Leo. I have a ridiculously strong love for cats (definitely crazy-cat-lady status). I don't get starstruck. I have three sons. I am a night owl. I prefer the mountains to the beach, but love spending time at each. I went to college in Arizona. Numbers truly intimidate me, I am not any good (at all) at math. I spend a lot of time on Instagram (follow me if you're there too, @CaptureMeCandidPhotography) and lastly, I love that you took the time to read all of that...

My philosophy: If you wound up on my website, then I truly feel you were meant to! My philosophy on my "job" and my life in general is that we're all always at the right place at the right time for a specific reason...and I don't treat my photography business any different. With very little advertising, I have found a wonderful base of clients (aka friends) who I love dearly! Each of them has given me something specific that has shaped me into who I am personally and professionally over the past nine years. So, however you found CaptureMeCandid, thank you for taking the time to view my work and info. It is truly humbling.

 My sessions: Sessions are limited each month to ensure my photography process stays intact. I do all of my own shooting (unless I have hired a second shooter for your wedding or large event), and I spend countless (fun) hours editing each session and creating every album and USB. When you hire me, you hire ME. That would be important to me as a consumer, so that is what I give as a professional. Quality and sincerity is what I have built my reputation on, and I take it seriously. Please book in advance if you are interested in my services... with limited sessions, my schedule fills fast. Scheduling is currently trending six months to a year in advance.

 My Business Model: While photography is is a 'business', and it requires me to carry a business license, pay taxes and hold insurance.... I am well aware that l am in the 'business of people'. The line "it's just business, it's not personal" has always bothered me... because photographers capture stories, the lives of families, and the love between one another. It IS personal. It is to me. So rest assured that while I have a business model and believe in a professional framework... you will be treated as a friend, and I will always do whatever I can to make your experience amazing.

 My Story: I am a thirty-something married mother of three boys... my husband is my best friend and my boys are my motivation. I love being able to see the "good" in life and find a piece of it in all I do and everyone I meet. It inspires me to capture "life" from behind my lens. Establishing a friendship fast is something I’m good at, which is why I consider all of my clients friends, so if I am lucky enough to get to meet your family... you may just wind up knowing me for a while. Over the years I have been dubbed as an authentic “people person"... I truly enjoy meeting and learning about new people, which is a large reason photography is such a passion of mine.

 My Past: Since I was little, I have always had an interest in photography. My father was a photographer in his early 30's and I have grown up with photography being a part of my life (even sharing a room with my sister to make room for my Dad's darkroom). In high school, photography classes sparked a true passion of the art. While in college in Tempe, AZ, I studied graphic design, photography and communications furthering my education and understanding.

 Since then, I have continued my passion on almost a daily basis. I love the feeling I get from creating something artistic from a moment of time... something captured that is now everlasting. It is Life... Frozen... Preserved... Remembered...and I feel honored to be the one to capture it.

The photo on the right: I have some pretty amazing friends in the business. A huge shout out to Stephen, from Torrence Photography, and also to the lovely Lindsey Regan Thorne for my makeup. I am so thankful and happy to be surrounded by such amazing and talented people!